Summer Vacation, for Better or for Worse

17 Jul


If summer vacation had been a time of heavenly rest and mere relaxation, I would completely disagree with the article’s argument of eliminating summer vacation. (I am confident that every one wants to rest at some point in his/her life…) However, the summer vacation which we experience today is far different from those we had imagined in the earlier days: an ordinary vacation with trips abroad, 10-hour sleeps, and endless chats with friends.  These days, summer vacation is seen as a period for students to improve upon their weaknesses; however, it is true that many students find difficulty in continuing their intense momentum of studying and concentrating, which they had in school, once vacation starts.  Thus, Porter-Magee’s argument —  stating that students should not be away from school for more than four weeks — is perfectly reasonable.

Credits to New York Times


Fashion is Not Alone

2 Jun

Beauty definitely comes with fashion, but that’s not the only factor.  Beauty actually comes with several other requirements and among those, skin care plays a significant role in deciding the appearance and look of a fashionista (which I am sure all of you are by now!).  Today, I want to introduce a cosmetics company in which I am sure you are all aware of.  This company promotes healthy care systems of skin treatments as well as beauty programs for make-up.  The glorious company is CLINIQUE.

I’ve been personally using products from Clinique to cure my skin troubles, since 3-4 years ago.  The best series from the various products of Clinique seem to be the “Anti Blemish Solutions” series, the purpose being to treat skin problems with gentle and non-drying products.  This series include clarifying lotions, cleansing foams, moisturizers, soap bars, and many more! Before you put the make up on your delicate skin, why not protect it with the “Anti Blemish Solutions” products for a better make up look!

“Kill them with kindness” -Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Motto

There are three main steps in the products of Clinique: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize.  The products are categorized into these three steps which help the customers to define the necessary products for their own skin type.  Now, go ahead and enjoy the world of CLINIQUE — the best cosmetics company.


Giorgio Armani’s Quote

29 Apr

The goal I seek is to have people refine their style through my clothing without having them become victims of fashion.”  Giorgio Armani

Fashion isn’t all about the runway and the designs in the magazines of Vogue, Muine, and Luxury.  It’s also about the people who wear them.  Toddlers, kids, women, men all wear different clothes and everyone has a different taste in their senses of fashion.  Today, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite quotes regarding fashion and people.  Giorgio Armani’s quote above states his goal which is to have people express their fashion better, yet no become a victim of fashion.  Now, what is a victim of fashion? How can you be a victim of fashion? There are several ways in which people can become victims and they are extremely easy which make people vulnerable to these causes of victimization.  “Over-wearing” clothes and accessories is one of the most easiest ways to become victimized by fashion.  Once you continue to put on accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, sunglasses, scarves, and what not, fashion has already victimized you.  Minimalism might be the best solution to this problem: why not stop at wearing a black suit with one pair of earrrings?  You will look awesome even without all the accessories you want to show off. Trust me, you have tons of time to show them to your friends and boyfriends.

As we can see, Giorgio Armani was merely referring to the common mistakes fashionistas make in their process of finishing their fashion.  Designers want their customers to look better and find their own style, not to overdecorate oneself with the bunch of clothings on the runway.  Now, go ahead and open your closet, but remember: don’t get greedy and put everything on.  Giorgio wants you to refine your style, not mess it up!

Be a fashionista with my blog posts and advices!

Shoes: Trend of Converse Shoes

22 Apr

The All Star Converse sneaker was first created in 1917 when Marquis Mills Converse began his new rubber shoe company. It first came out in only seven colors; black, white, red, ivory, blue, pink, and gray. These colors were popular among both men and women and the All Star Converse didn’t stop.

” Converse – Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell, Basketball Shoes, Design Your Own Converse Shoes.” Converse – Chuck Taylor, Jack Purcell, Basketball Shoes, Design Your Own Converse Shoes. N.p., n.d. Web. 1 Mar. 2010..

After numerous types of designs and editions, Converse came up with 15 different series of shoes; Converse Basketball, Converse Re-Isse/ Marquis, Converse Sports Lifestyle, Converse Jack Purcell, Converse Kids, Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse America’s Original sports Company, Converse Heritage Basketball, Converse Re-Issue, Converse Marquis Collection, Converse Performance Basketball, Converse Signature Series, Chuck Taylor All Star vintage, Jack Purcell Fall Collection, and the Chuck Taylor All Star Seasonal.

Converse shoes has been popular since it was made, but the styling has changed. Back in the days, only jeans were expected to be worn with converse shoes because they thought sneakers were only for jeans. These days, converse shoes are not only for jeans, they are for every fashion items such as leggings, skirts, short pants, and even formal clothing.

“Europe Vintage Style.” Naver Blog. Naver, 3 Jan. 2010. Web. 3 Mar. 2010.Kirsten Dunst enjoys matching All Star Converse shoes with black leggings as her casual outfit..

“La vie en rose.” Naver Blog. Naver, n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2010.

All Star Converse shoes do look fantastic with jeans, especially skinny jeans.

“패션은 실천이다 – MissYum♥ :: 네이버 블로그 .” 패션은 실천이다 – MissYum♥ :: 네이버 블로그 . Naver, n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2010..

Converse shoes are certainly not only for women! Men can also be a fashionista with converse shoes by matching them with jeans, formal pants, or any other outfit. Celebrities in Korea such as Gong-yoo and Rhy Seung-Bum have stated that their favorite fashion items were All Star Converse shoes because they fit just about anywhere! You can click on their pictures (two on the right) to see more information about them!

The All Star Converse site has been allowing customers to order shoes online. However, did you know that you can style your own Converse shoes? Here’s a video clip of what I designed and you could try it for fun, too! It’s not only designing. You can also order the shoes you designed! It’s amazing! See how I designed my shoes.

You can be a fashionista with All Star Converse shoes!

Trend: The Jackets of Spring

14 Apr

Spring, a season of beautiful flowers, rebirth, regrowth…but also frequent weather change from rainy days to sunny days. What do you need to prevent yourself from getting a cold from the frequent weather change? Jackets! You can take it off when it’s hot and get it back on when the winds arrive. Lots of brands have showed collections of jackets in lots of forms: tweed, tailored, cardigans, trench, and biker jackets. Let’s take a look at some of the wonderful jackets!

Tweed: Tweeds are beloved, classic jackets for various fashionistas. As Chanel is a signature brand for tweed jackets, it surely presented some gorgeous tweed collections this season, too.

(Chanel Tweed Jacket on the Runway!) (Chanel Tweed Jacket on My Mother!)

Tailored: Tailored jackets have once again showed up after the 80’s with boosted shoulder pads and volume. Reminding us of men suits, tailored jackets are again a popular trend for women fashionistas in the spring of 2011.

(Armani Tailored Jackets)

Cardigans: Cardigans have been around for decades since the beginning of fashion. Its strength of matching well with pants, skirts, and dresses create cardigan maniacs around the world.

(I love cardigans too!)

Trench: Even though trench jackets have a set style, there are lots and lots of variations to it. The number of buttons, the fabric, the patterns can make hundreds of different kinds of trench jackets. Burberry, being a signature brand for trench jackets, have always presented them in their runway, but with different styles and looks.

(Some gorgeous trench coats from Burberry!)

Be a fashionista with one of the best jackets of 2011’s upcoming spring!

Hello, Maximalism

12 Apr

Minimalism describes movements in various forms of art and design, especially visual art and music, where the work is stripped down to its most fundamental features. –Wikipedia

“Less is more when it comes to the minimalist fashion trend for fall 2008.” -from a fashion article.

Minimalism was considered as a growing fashion trend until the the fall/winter season of 2010. Simple, clean, and classic were some key factors to minimalist fashionistas in the runway and in the streets. However, minimalism is no longer a “boom” in the fashion industry for the 2011 spring/summer season.

Maximalism in fashion describes a trend in which a lot of decorations, jewelry, patterns, and accessories are used to perform a fancy, but chic outfit.

Maximalism is a new trend in 2011 and it is favored by Hollywood stars, designers, and people everywhere.  This trend emphasizes on certain aspects of fashion and it can summarized into six rules.

1) Impact Accessories: Accessories can be a better fashion item than clothes or bags because it gives a big “impact” despite is small size. To give a better impact, you can wear accessories with long chains, feathers, laces or gold designs.

(Pictures taken by me!)

2) Diamond Coated: Diamond is also a never-ending trend item for fashionistas. It can turn out to be fancy with dresses, classic with suits, and simple with casual outfits. Diamond is definitely an “IT” item for jewelry, but clothes, bags, and shoes can also have diamonds or cubic to show a fancy look.

(Picture taken by me!)

3) Pattern Deluxe: Patterns, patterns, patterns. The “boom” of the 70’s have once again arrived in the fashion runway. Argyles, stripes, birds, nature, and dots enhance your outfit with a showy look. No fashion item is an exception when it comes to patterns as it matches well with shoes, tops, dresses, pants, skirts, and jewelry.

4) Blooming Season: As spring is coming, the fashion industry is also getting ready for the blooming flowers. Roses, ribbons, laces represent the blooming flowers in the season of spring and designers are busy with putting them on clothes and other items.

5) Layer Layer: As maximalism emphasizes a lot of fashion items on an outfit, layer looks are IN. Layer over layer: skirts over leggings, shirts over shirts, cardigans over shirts and necklaces over necklaces.

(Ashley Tisdale)

6) Head Dresser: Decorating head dressing items can be one of the steps in becoming a fashionista. What are some head dresser items? Combs, hairpins, toques, hair clasps, head bands! Head bands were used for organizing a messy hair, but it is a TOP fashion item these days!

Now, it’s your turn to try to the new trend: MAXIMALISM.

Time is Ticking: Find Your Style NOW

12 Apr

Are you still struggling with your fashion style? You can be a fashionista by following this chart. Camping look? Sports look? Gypsy look? Chic look? I’ll help you find out! Just do a quick survey, right now.

[To get a closer look, click on the chart!]

Now, if you have identified your fashion style, let’s take a deeper look into it!

1. Camping Look: If you are a traveler, this would be the best look for you! In the Spring & Summer season of lots of brands in the fashion industry, the Camping Look has been a HOT trend. Dsquared2, Chloé, and Louis Vuitton has shown collections of Camping Looks with aspects from nature including colors like green and brown. If you’re still wondering what to wear to complete a Camping Look, loose-fit clothes, denim shirts, check patterned shirts, cotton scarves, and caps are perfect items!

[Models from the Dsquared2 fashion show wearing camping looks.]

2. Sports Look: If you are active, this would be the best look for you! The fashion runway is filled with American sportswear and athletic sportswear such as Bermuda shorts for scuba divers and Anorak jumpers for joggers.

[Bermuda Shorts]

3. Gypsy Look: If you want to express a romantic mood from your outfit, this is the best look for you! The “point” is to have a long & lean silhouette with colors such as beige and brown. Boxy coats, blouses, long cardigans, baggy pants, flower dresses, and bohemian clothes are great items for gypsy looks!

[Some of the famous Korean stars who enjoy wearing gypsy looks.]

4. Chic Look: If you are one of the fashionistas who love to wear fancy items from the 80’s, this is the best look for you! Colorless tailor jackets from Lanvin are the best items for Chic fashionistas!

[Lanvin has been showing chic looks with suits and black dresses.]

You can be a fashionista by finding out your own style!